Flynn loves connecting with audiences: Watching them lean forward in their chairs, invest themselves in the magic effect and the show, and, if he’s done it right (and he always does), seeing them gasp in blank astonishment.

“You have the opportunity to turn someone’s day around instantly. To bring joy and laughter and life into someone’s day when that wouldn’t have happened (otherwise),” he explained.

Flynn has blossomed as a magician and now describes himself as a Master Magician, “Its taken a lot of work and learning. It was like going to college,” he said, the way he had to read books and learn from mentors such as his personal hero’s Tom Frank and Steve Dobson.

If you were to talk to Flynn, he would probably be a little reluctant about boasting how far he’s come.

“I’m just someone’s dad who loves magic.”

Still, the show is great fun.

Source: Ballard News Tribune

Tim is a highly entertaining master magician who specializes in two forms of magic; close up magic, also known as strolling magic and magic that happens in the spectators hand or directly in front of them.

Tim has also developed a wonderful, audience tested, participation, stand up show. When you hire Tim for your event, either show, Tim’s stand up, or strolling show are fine tuned to fit your needs.”  Either show will blow you away!

“I found my passion, magic is something I love to do,” he says.

Tim has been the emcee at Eganís Ballard Jam house for two years, and now for over a year in Renton, at Delancey’s on 3rd. Audiences rave about his masterful illusions.


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